Future Projects - Monthly Requirements

This is the list of the monthly requirements needed by us as this is essential for our expenses. We sometime have to be in depth. We are in depth at the moment. This is the main monthly requirements to run this home.
The main items required for the home for these mentally and physically handicapped children.

If you consider in donating our Foundation we can give you the estimated plan and quotation for your requirement in donating us .

Since the Home is yet in its infancy we require a helping hand to make it stand “Help the innocent” Do you like to maintain one child as your sponsored child. Please do write to us or call us on our contacts given in this pamphlet. To sponsor a child for a month is SLRs. 3000.00 This money is used for their medicines, food, physiotherapy and ect..

This is the requirements we need for our Home and this is for your records if you could help us in any way please do kindly give your attention towards our home as these children are unwanted by the world over and by their own kith and kin.

May the Triple gem bring you all success in all you do for the poor and the needy

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