Future Projects - Floor Tiles

The President of the Foundation has donated his own residence to the children both girls and boys who live in one house. This house is cemented and out of the 40 children that reside in the home 29 children dirties themselves without their knowledge. In the morning it is very messy and I think that you would understand the situation, as this is house is cemented and it is difficult to keep the place clean so if we have these tiles it would be easier to keep the place clean. We would like to have this home floor tiled as it would be easier to clean the house when they dirty the place and it would be good for their health.

We have this problem and we wrote to Lanka Tiles. This company informed us of the special rate and discount to our home for floor tiles. We attach herewith the letter from Lanka Tiles and photographs of children and the place where tiles have to be placed.

We are in requirement of 2500 floor tiles for the old house that is in need urgently. The cost for the floor tiles is Rs. 150000.00. We would like to ask a kind donor to donate us as you wish to donate to this home as these children need a place that has to be kept clean and easy to keep the place in hygienic order.

Please be good enough to draw your kind attention to this home as the floor tiles is urgently required for the purpose of keeping the place clean and to give a good hygienic atmosphere for the children.

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