Future Projects - Cottage Home

The President of the Foundation has donated his own residence to the children both girls and boys who live in one home which is congested. Now we are finding it difficult to cope up as we have no room for the kids as they all live in one home. We have 10 children who are under the age of 10 years and need to be separated as they need a lot of freedom and place to play and be comfortable. These days it is raining and the kids feel the cold and there is no alternative for them as they have to be housed in the home where all the other older ones live. Some times when the children wet some of them get wet and then I have to keep up with them to change them as they feel the cold and this has been a big problem for me.

We are in urgent need of a cottage home where the kids could be separated from the older children as at present all the children such as the kids and the older children live together and this is not in keeping as the older children have their own feeling and it is the best alternative to separate the kids from the older ones.

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