We have started a Home for the mentally and physically handicapped home where children who cannot do any work and help themselves in their daily routine and children who do not have parents and who have been abundant from their own kin and kin . Please draw your kind attention in helping our Children’s home as this is in its infancy and to make this home for these children a dream come true and to give them their needs in life and to give them the best comfort as long as they live with me in my home. I the Residential Director have donated my own residence to these children who are mentally and physically handicapped for them to live as one family together with my own family to be happy and enjoy the life of what they have not seen and heard.

We like to introduce to you about our Foundation. Our Foundation is situated in Handapanagala in the Moneragala District in the Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat Division. Our Foundation deals with the mentally and physically handicapped. The children who have parents are farmers and live on government stamps. They depend on their crops for their survival. Some of the children do not have parents, some have lost either their mother or father and the parent has to do a job to survive and look after the rest of the family. We also have children who have been abundant by their mother on the roads or dirt pits. This area is very remote and poor people live in this area. They cannot afford to give their child the nourishments and medicines and the requirements needed by their child. These children are unwanted by the wide world and by their own kith and kin. We get children from the Court of law, Probation Office from through the Divisional Secretariat Island wide because most homes do not absorb physically handicapped as they are rejected by these homes that is why I decided to have a home for the mentally and physically handicapped.

It is since a period of 1 year that we have started this home. We like to state that we are running this home with great strife and difficulty We know that the children are blessed with abundance that is why we had you here to come and visit our home to see these kids.

This Foundation is a Non Profitable Institution for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children’s Home This home was commence in July 2012. Our Registration no is We/V.O./27/2008 and National Council for Persons with Disabilities Registration no is MSS/NSPD/R/194

On research with the area it instigated me to open this Home of this caliber in Hadapanagala Weherayaya. We started the Home for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped with 02 children at the start and now we have 83 children in this Home together with 34 girls. We have more children on the waiting list but, as we have no facility for accommodation we have to have a break in housing them. Our Foundation’s Home is opened to the deserving irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion. With the sanction of my wife , we decided to donate our house and property to run this Home for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped Home We have a committee as I know that I have laid a solid foundation for this Home. I have dedicated my services of the authoritative officials of the district who are well with me having studied my objectives.

We have 83 children who are mentally and Physically Handicapped, four children are girls from the ages 01 years of age the rest are boys who are from 2 years. From the 83 children 52 children are unable to do their work. These children cannot do their own wok as these children are lifeless from hip downwards. They dirty themselves without their knowledge.

We do have the Police Station of Wellawaya Child and women bureau that come once a month on a visit to inspect the home. We also have the District Police of Moneragala child and women bureau and also have visits from the Uva Province Social Service Department , Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat, Base Hospital of Wellawaya , MOH Office, PHI Officers and mid wives that come to visit the home. It is a great advantage to have these officers visiting our home on an off.

Our motive is to give these children the nourishments, medical facilities health habits, manners at meal time as their parents or kith and kin would not have trained them as they are too poor and also uneducated. The children who are Mentally and Physically Handicapped want love and food but they do not want houses and wealth of their own. They need and we give them love, care, attention , protection, education and vocational training. Our Foundation’s ambition is to give these Mentally and Physically Handicapped children a dream come true as they are unwanted by the wide world over and by their own kith and kin.

It is since a period of nearly 5 years that we have started this home. We like to state that we are running this home with great strife and difficulty. Since the Home is yet in its infancy we require a helping hand to make it stand. “Help the innocent”.

Name of Account : Meth Sewa Foundation
Account Number : 8037923
Bank’s Swift Code : BCEYLKLX
Name of Bank and Address : Bank of Ceylon, Wellawaya Branch, Wellawaya , Sri Lanka